Chung-Lai Mike Tsang

Ethnic Advisory Group Member
  • Born in an orphanage in Hong Kong called Po Leung Kuk and adopted to Auckland New Zealand at age 6 by a New Zealand family.
  • Faced many challenges growing up in a predominately white region. Going through various mental health issues from PTSD, depression, Identity and etc. In the search of belonging and sense of identity I looked in the wrong places and ended up incarcerated. Through the period of trials and tribulations I have found my true calling of helping those in need of mentorship.
  • A group of us with similar dreams, goals, ambitions and history formed our own youth organisation “The Brotherhood Continues Trust” ( with the ultimate goal of helping those youth in similar circumstances as we were at that age of 13-17 years of age.
  • As I have worked with mainly Pacific Island and Māori youth, I am looking to be more of an assistance to my culture and ethnic youth. I have represented my culture in American Football, Aussie rules, Rugby League, Touch and Tag.

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