International Student Webinar 4 - Intercultural Communication

12/09/2020 2:00 PM
Speaker - Chris Beard, Jason Young, Sue Lim, Justine Joohyun Park
Location - Online Zoom

Workshop details

At Asian Family Services, we understand the significant challenges faced by international students. One of these challenges can be the ability to confidently and effectively communicate in different situations, whether it’s in education, health, employment, or a social setting.
Communication is more than just the language itself; it also involves cultural etiquette and nuances that often are not taught in education. Intercultural communication plays a key role in our daily life and with a few basic skills, it will be easier to navigate New Zealand society confidently. It helps develop a better understanding of different cultures, recognise cultural blind spots, and facilitates better cultural adaptation, such as adapting to life in New Zealand.
In this webinar you will:
- Gain knowledge and skills to develop cultural awareness about life in New Zealand,
- Learn how to break down cultural barriers and gain cultural awareness,
- Enhance self-awareness and communication skills

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Here are the video clips from the workshop:

  • Intercultural communication framework


  • A journey to Taiwan from a Kiwi perspective


  • A stressful and flourishing life as an international student


  • My journey as a Korean international student in New Zealand


  • The perspective of success between Korean and Kiwi Culture


  • Intrinsic and extrinsic success for Korean and Kiwi cultures


  • Questions and Answers







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