2021 Asian Hui - Cutting Edge Conference

8/09/2021 10:00 am
Speaker - Asian Family Services
Location - Dunedin Centre

Workshop details

The Asian Hui provides an opportunity for the sector to learn and understand an Asian migrant’s journey of health. We use the Integrated Tree Model as a framework to look at the environment surrounding a person when attempting to minimise addiction harm. We also deep dive into the latest research on Asian wellbeing and mental health including responsible gambling. We will be discussing the perception, challenges and help-seeking behaviour for mental health issues and harmful gambling among Asian people. Finally, we will look at the overall response of the mental health and addiction sector in providing services and support to Asian people. It is a Hui that can’t be missed, and by the end of it you will be informed by research and through best practice on a journey of health for Asians living in New Zealand.

The agenda for the hui can be downloaded here. Please register below.

Register here for the Asian Hui

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