2022 Gambling Harm Awareness Week

Since 2005, the first week of September has been dedicated to raising awareness of gambling harm and many services, including Asian Family Services, have participated. This year, it was held from 5 - 11 September with events and activities taking place around the country. Yet despite years of raising awareness, including how individuals or affected others can get help and support, it is still taboo in our Asian communities.

The NZ Asian Responsible Gambling Survey found that 76.5% of Asians perceive that Asian gamblers are stigmatised by society. In Asian culture, when someone experiences gambling harm, it is believed that it is due to an individual's "weak" character or the family "did not do a good job" in "controlling" the person. Such stigma, shame and belief create barriers to help-seeking for individuals and families. Consequently, many people experience financial hardship, domestic violence, and psychological distress. For some people, they believe they deserve the harm that they experience instead of reaching out for help.

In the past, people might have had to visit a casino or pokie venue to place a bet but unfortunately, it is now accessible at home 24/7. A 2022 report found that 84.6% of Asians engaged in online gambling or video gaming in the last 12 months. Just over 73% bought Lotto or instant scratch tickets online, 50.8% played online video games, 41.1% placed a bet on any sports event with the NZ TAB online, 36% played social casino games, and 29.6% played on SkyCity’s online casino.

We want to let our Asian communities know that if you are experiencing harm from your gambling or the gambling of a family member, it is not your fault, you don't have to face it alone, and it is time to talk. Call the Asian Helpline 0800 862 342 for professional and confidential support.

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