2022 Helping Others Helping Ourselves_International Students Remaking Lives

This research project was funded through the Ministry of Health Gambling Innovation Research and Evaluation Fund 2018/19 and was delivered from July 2019 to December 2021. The project had two parts. Part 1 objective was to develop, deliver and evaluate a support group programme to reduce the risk of gambling relapses among Chinese and South Asian migrants and international students who had a history of harmful gambling. In Part 2, a 3-minute animated video and two sets of gambling harm awareness designs were created using co-design methods to raise awareness of harmful gambling in Asian communities, and to encourage help-seeking for people affected by harmful gambling. An online survey was conducted to gain feedback on the video and the two gambling harm awareness designs from a sample of Asian people of different backgrounds.

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2022 Helping Others Helping Ourselves International Students Remaking Lives


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