Submission to Gambling Commission - Response to Professor Paul Delfabbro's Letter

Upon closely examining Professor Delfabbro's response, Asian Family Services found it necessary to consider the unique context of the gambling industry environment in New Zealand. This includes factors such as the population demographics within the two largest casinos in Auckland and Christchurch, as well as the broader economic, policy, social, and socio-political impacts that shape the nation's gambling landscape.

After reviewing the Skycity Casino's self-exclusion data by ethnicity in 2021 and 2022, it is apparent that Chinese individuals accounted for over 20% (while only representing 5.3% of NZ's population), Indian for 25% (4.7% of the population), Korean for 5% (0.75%), and Middle Eastern for 7% (less than 1%). These figures reveal that over 50% of self-exclusions were from the Asian demographic, even though they represent only 15% of the overall population. This raises the question of whether the study, which focuses primarily on Caucasian tertiary students, adequately considers the unique behaviours and experiences of the Asian population in relation to harm minimisation strategies.


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AFS Submission To Gambling Commission Response To Professor Paul Delfabbro's Letter

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