Submission to Gambling Commission Review of Host Responsibility Programme for Christchurch Casino

2023 Host Responsibility Programme Review and the updates to the Host Responsibility Programme (HRP) and Problem Gamblers Identification Policy (PGIP). As the leading organisation in Australasia for the prevention and minimisation of gambling-related harm among the Asian community, we have been providing clinical treatment, public health services, and an Asian helpline for the past 20 years. While we recognise the current HRP and PGIP's efforts to consider cultural differences, we believe the existing approach is overly generalised and inadequate in addressing the distinct needs of Asian gamblers.

Asian Family Service urges Gambling Commission to enhance the Christchurch Casino Host Responsibility program by implementing early intervention strategies and clear referral pathways to minimise gambling harm services. The Asian community, facing limited knowledge about gambling harm and cultural barriers to seeking help, experiences 9.5 times more harm than the general population. We strongly advocate for culturally competent approaches, including compulsory referrals to culturally appropriate services, to address these challenges and reduce harm.

Numerous studies and articles have explored the gambling preferences of Asiansi ii iii. Some research has discovered that Asian gamblers often exhibit a marked preference for casino gambling, especially games like baccarat. Additionally, they show interest in other forms of gaming that require a degree of skill, such as Mahjong and Pai Gow Poker.


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AFS Submission To Gambling Commission Review Of Host Responsibility Programme For Christchurch Casino

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