Submission on: Public Consultation on Reducing Pokies Harm

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on Reducing Pokies Harm, on options for changes to the pokies (Class 4) Gambling (Harm Prevention and Minimisation) Regulations 2004, using regulation-making powers in the Act. This submission is made by Asian Family Services.

We welcome further discussion on this submission and look forward to engaging with those working on the regulation toward the government’s objective to contribute to better preventing and minimising gambling harm in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Asian Family Services strongly endorses the proposed regulation being more prescriptive about the harm minimisation measures pubs and clubs need to have in place which includes:

  • Strengthening the training requirements, including skills, confidence and cultural competency in identifying and excluding Asian people who are experiencing harmful gambling
  • Make gaming features safer
  • New infringement fees related to the requirements in the current harm minimisation regulations by aligning to the Act

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Public Consultation In Reducing Pokies Harm Asian Family Services

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