Wellington Chinese Psychological Health Survey 2018

There were a great deal of national research regarding the general psychological health conditions of the entire population living in New Zealand. There were also a good number of studies exploring one specific and professional aspect of psychological pathology, such as gambling addiction. However, as far as ethnicity is concerned, little research has been conducted regarding the psychological health conditions of the Chinese ethnic groups living in New Zealand.

The aim of this research is to find out the actual psychological health conditions of the Chinese ethnicity in the Wellington region, and moreover, shed light on the status quo of relevant psychological issues such as the life satisfaction and emotional distress level, as well as the determinant of life satisfaction of the Chinese Wellingtonians. Samples were collected by interception interviews at various locations in Wellington, such as the harbour-side Sunday market near Oriental Bay, the Lower Hutt CBD, the Victoria University campus, the Massey university campus and the Chinese Methodist Church where the local Chinese normally cluster. ANOVA and regression analysis were used to explore the life satisfaction levels, the psychological well beings and the determinants.

Generally speaking, the Chinese living in Wellington suffered from dual sources of psychological pressure, i.e., the cultural adaptation pressure (such as linguistic barriers), and the environmental pressure (academic pressure, financial pressure, etc). We come up with a life satisfaction conceptual model, and have important findings regarding the determinants of the psychological wellbeing of the Chinese Wellingtonians as well. The findings are: age is positively associated with their life satisfaction level; emotional distress negatively affect their life satisfaction; the duration of settlement and the dwelling conditions are important predictors of life satisfaction. We also revealed that more than half of the Wellington-based Chinese have little knowledge about the public medical knowledge, and pay less attention to their mental wellbeing than their physical health.

This research is a trial study for a national psychological health survey to be implemented by Asian Family Services. This trial survey may serve as important reference for the clinic counselling services, and create the basis of comparison for the forthcoming psychological health research to be held in Auckland, Christchurch and other cities in New Zealand.


Wellington Chinese Psychological Health Survey 2018




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