2022 Asian Hui - Cutting Edge Conference

2022-08-31 오전 9:00
스피커 - Asian Family Services
위치 - Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre (you can also join the live-streamed event remotely)

워크숍 세부 정보

Asian Family Services has been in partnership with Dapaanz since 2017 to host the pre-Cutting Edge Asian Hui. The Asian Hui is the first of its kind. The aim is to have a dedicated space to share and connect with the broader sector and present the most updated Asian-focused research projects and cultural and linguistic diversity (CALD) training to attendees working in the addiction sector.

This year, the Asian Hui provides an opportunity for the sector to learn and understand an Asian migrant's health journey. We will be sharing the latest research on New Zealand Asian mental health and addiction. The focus will be on help-seeking behaviour and challenges Asian people may face when they encounter battles against mental health struggles and harmful gambling.

We have invited eCALD® Services to provide an overview of their national CALD cultural competency programme and suitable modules for the addiction workforce. The good news is that we will be offering one of the modules, "Working with Addiction with CALD clients", on the day, in which you will have the opportunity to discuss and ask questions with a qualified trainer.

The "Hui" will bring you new perspectives and approaches and will give you the motivation for the consideration and inclusion of Asian people in New Zealand in your practice or service/policy development. You won't want to miss out on a "Hui" backed-by research and first-hand experiences!!

The agenda for the hui can be viewed here.

Please register here.

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