COVID-19 Week 17 - Event facilities at Alert Level 2

Event facilities can have up to 100 people within any defined space. They also need to assess how many people can safely be inside the premises and still maintain 1 metre physical distancing. This could mean the facility needs to have fewer than 100 people in a defined space.
If you go to an event facility, you legally must keep 1 metre physical distance from people you don’t know, where possible — if you can't, we encourage wearing a face covering.
Event facilities include:
• cinemas, theatres, stadiums, concert venues
• conference venues

Contact tracing
We recommend you sign in to a venue with either:
• the NZ COVID Tracer app and QR codes, or
• an alternative contact tracing system.
All businesses are legally required to display an NZ COVID Tracer QR code for each business location and also legally must have an alternative contact tracing system.

We have translated into the following Asian languages: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Hindi





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