Gambling Harm Awareness Week 2018/2019

Gambling Harm Awareness Week (GHAW) evolved from Gamblefree Day which was traditionally held on 1 September.

During this week, events and activities will take place around the country that aim is to raise awareness in our communities about the harm from gambling. Unfortunately, many Asian people are not aware of the potential harm of gambling. Although these events are fun, family events, they carry a serious message.
Gambling Harm Awareness Week encourages people to “take time out from gambling and put time into the family”. Evidence shows spending time with a loved one and doing activities (like going for a walk or sharing a meal) is a practical way to distract people from gambling and help to beat gambling harm.

GHAW 2020, GHAW week is 31 August 2020 - 6 September 2020 to raise the Gambling Harm Awareness Week, AFS will put together Multilanguage information through digital social media along with useful information about the signs and symptoms of problem gambling.

The following videos are from 2018 GHAW and 2019 GHAW, we organised an event named 'Asian Cultural Day'

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2018 Asian Cultural Day 2019 Asian Cultural Day

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