The COVID-19 National Psychosocial Campaign Introduction

The Purpose of the COVID-19 National Psychosocial Campaign

  • To provide counselling support and linguistically appropriate information to the Asian Communities
  • To meet the demand for mental health and addiction needs of Asian clients and community impacted by COVID-19
  • To expand Asian Helpline services hours to provide the need for distressed clients impacted by COVID-19
  • To accurately translate and disseminate COVID-19 information to Asian communities, in support of the COVID-19 National Psychosocial response campaign


What are we providing?

  • Providing 3 free counselling sessions to Asian clients who experience COVID-19 related mental distress, such as depression, anxiety, psychosomatic preoccupations, suicidal ideation and increased substance use. 
  • By increased Helpline opening hours from 60 hours to 80 hours. 
  • Use the Helpline to engage in video counselling, phone counselling, and WeChat video call. We will also provide face-to-face counselling when lockdown levels permit.


What are we delivering?

  • Translation and dissemination of multilingual COVID-19 support materials weekly.
  • Develop mental health and addiction resources and translate these into 7 languages.
  • Translate official Ministry of Health COVID-19 resources into a range of languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Thai and Vietnamese. All translated resources will be uploaded onto our website every week.
  • Disseminate information using ethnic-specific media and social media, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and WeChat.
  • Communicate with and ensure health promotion to Asian communities throughout New Zealand using a wide range of channels.

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COVID-19 Mental Health

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