Good News! MSD discretionary fund to help you and your family get through the tough time!

We understand that with the recent Delta outbreak, New Zealand has been in a rough patch. We understand that our Asian communities in particular, are finding themselves in a tough position to cope.

We have good news, we can help.

Thanks to the extra support from the MSD, we will be able to provide food parcels, essential items and also pay for your living expense bills to those that really need a hand, all for free.

Food parcels will be fixed, packed with all the essentials such as fruits, vegetables, and how could we forget rice? If you have special dietary requirements due to your circumstances, you are most welcome to let us know.

We will also be able to provide you with other required non-grocery essential items to allow you to work or study from home, while keeping you and your Whanau safe. This consists of but is not limited to heating units, warm clothing, and hygiene products. If you happen to require other products, let us know and we shall talk from there.

This fund can be also used to pay for your living cost bill, in which we will be assessing your situation to provide accordingly.

This fund is limited and serves the purpose of helping Asian people who are experiencing financial difficulty and hardship. We hope you treat this opportunity with dignity and honesty.

You can contact us through our Asian Helpline on 0800 862 342, in which it is available in 7 different Asian languages or email an application form to and our staff will be in contact with you.

Due to the capacity and supplier limitations caused by the pandemic, we may not be able to provide everything you require, but AFS will commit fully to help.

Thank you all for the exceptional effort in keeping our communities safe by complying to the alert level regulations.

Kia Kaha,

Asian Family Services


Apply now via Asian Family Services

Download the application form here.



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