Ethnic Advisory Group

This service is accessed through general practice and is based around new roles in the primary care workforce – the Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP) and the Health Coach. Based in the practice, these new members of the team provide advice and support to clients based on individualised goals, promoting self-management and connecting people to other services they may need. The HIP and Health Coach works closely with local community NGO support workers, ensuring that people can access the full range of help they need to manage distress, encourage and maintain behaviour change and increase their wellbeing.

A GP or nurse in the general practice can offer someone who is experiencing distress or issues the option of seeing the HIP in the same location quickly – often immediately. A support plan is developed, with follow up as needed, tailored to individual circumstances. For some people the initial session is enough to provide the emotional or behavioural support needed.

The aim of these new services is to:

Ethnic Advisory Group Members

Meet our Ethnic Advisory Group Members

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