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2021 Asian Hui - Cutting Edge Conference

8/09/2021 10:00 AM
Speaker - Asian Family Services
Location - Dunedin Centre

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Asian mental health survey: Multiple barriers to people seeking help

News Source: Radio NZ, 21/07/2021

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Asians satisfied with NZ life but face depression risk: Survey

The latest media release from NZ Herald

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Childhood Experiences of Living Within a Problem Gambling Family

“Your father might not come home.” That’s what my mom said to us 40 years ago; the words still echo in my heart just like it was yesterday.

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Gambling Harm Awareness Week 2020

Gambling Harm Awareness Week evolved from Gamblefree Day which was traditionally held on 1 September. This year, it will be held 1 September –6 September 2020. The week is designed to encourage community discussions about gambling harm.

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New Zealand Police recorded nearly 150 cases of family violence per day within the first 4 days of the COVID-19 lockdown! Please say “No” to family violence!!

News media in New Zealand simultaneously reported on this shocking issue: the dramatic increase of family violence cases during the COVID-19 lockdown in New Zealand. Family violence is not okay. We are here to help.

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Asian schoolgirl forced to change schools due to racial harassment! Don’t be silent when you are treated unfairly in New Zealand!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, AFS received many calls from those who suffered from racial harassment related to coronavirus. Lily’s case was one of them. To protect the privacy of the client, names have been changed and background information masked

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First Asian mental wellbeing report released: results are striking! | 2020 New Zealand Asian Wellbeing Report

First Asian mental wellbeing report released: results are striking! | 2020 New Zealand Asian Wellbeing Report

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The Aotearoa Poster Competition Kiwis Together – 2020 – Chinese Kiwis

This project is a strength and evidence-based initiative.

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66% of Asians living in New Zealand gamble? | 2020 New Zealand Asian Wellbeing Report

Recently, the 2020 New Zealand Asian Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey initiated by Asian Family Services and commissioned by Trace Research released its findings.

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Cutting Edge 2017 Addiction is Everybody's Business Conference

Cutting Edge 2017 Addiction is Everybody's Business was held in Wellington at Te Papa Museum 6-9 September.

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